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  • Rubi Tools Webinars Can Refine Your Professional Skills

    The current pandemic has put a significant damper on business. However, some savvy professionals are taking the opportunity to upskill as the world awaits some hint of new normalcy.  The construction industry is still being affected. However, as a result, some forward-thinking contractors are taking the time to...
  • Working with Rough Texture Large Format Tile

    If you want to create a unique aesthetic, you might consider recommending rough texture large format tile for your next project. There’s an undeniable trend emerging in the tile industry. Nowadays, the use of large format tiles, aka any tile with an edge larger than 15 inches, is explosively popular! Despite ...
  • How to Create Spaces With Mixed-Media Tile Designs

    Use mixed media tiles to create unique floor designs and wall accents to add a creative touch to your or a client's home or business. Learn how to install mixed media tiles with RUBI and get started on your next tile and wood floor project. Get Started with RUBI Tools USA If you're looking to le...
  • Key Reasons to Use a Pro for your next Flooring Project

    Getting an expert to help you with your next flooring project is a great way to make sure you won't have a disaster on your hands. Here are some tips to guide you through your renovations with ease. Without the proper skill set, you can cause serious damage to your flooring and set yourself back both financially ...
  • How to Measure Floors for Tile Installation the Right Way

    Tile installation isn't something that can be done by just anyone. Well, anyone can lay the tiles down, but we're talking about getting the job done the right way. A proper tile job means even lines, leveled flooring, and so much more.  Tile installation is a big task to complete and before you begin laying ...

    For cutting the most difficult materials! RUBI has expanded its range of scoring wheels so that professional tile fitters can choose the most appropriate one for each type of ceramic tile. Each type of material presents a different level of cutting difficulty depending on its roughness, hardness, height, internal s...
  • The new SOFI Stadium knows the power of RUBI red

    SOFI Stadium rendering
    The new SOFI stadium  is an ongoing project set to open this year that will be home to the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams football organizations.  What you may not know is this state of the art stadium that is pegged to host Super Bowl LVI in 2022, and the Olympics in 2028 uses RUBI Tools to acc...
  • Discover What Will Be the Tile Trends of 2018

    New year, new renovation projects! If 2018 is finally the year to upgrade your services and include new tiles in the range of options you offer to your customers, well, you couldn’t have picked a better year to start. Current tile trends that are in right now aren’t just chic and stylish options that can replace dul...