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  • Ceramic tiles for external places: uses and tips

    Ceramic tiles for external places are a very used choice since many centuries ago, thanks to its technical advantages and to its versatility in design terms. Beyond that, it is very cheap as well. In this article we will tell you some tips you must know about its use and its installation. The simplest option when us...
  • Rubi´s favourite fireplace design projects

    As days get shorter and weather gets colder, we retreat indoors to the warmth of our homes, but nothing makes a home more inviting than a warm and cozy fireplace. As a focal point, a fireplace can set the tone for the whole style of your home. Look around you… Most homes, if they have a fireplace at all, have the ty...
  • Bathroom Projects

    When choosing tiles for the bathroom must think first how to distribute them. The latest trend is to use different colors and textures to go delimiting each space in our bathroom. For example, we highlight a wall, the area of the shower or the sink. Font: Geologica Store - At the same time, ...
  • Ceramic refurbishments, a safe

    [caption id="attachment_736" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ceramic refurbishments[/caption] The endless choices in ceramic tiles permits ceramic refurbishments "on demand" in the home with ease, speed and security. When a refurbishing at home, pottery is the perfect material to achieve stunning results. And it is ...
  • Adhering Ceramic Tiles: Measures, Tools and Techniques

    There are two main methods for adhering ceramic tiles, one recommended for thick layers (TL), and the other advocated for thin or medium layer (TL/ML). Let's review the measures, tools and tips for each technique. The thick layer technique is suitable for adhering ceramic tiles with formats of 900 cm2 (30 x 30cm) or...
  • Use of large format tiles

    Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of large format tiles and, nowadays, their use is quite widespread. This has made us realise that there is a real need to adapt the techniques and the tools used when laying down tiles to make the job of the building professionals a little bit e...
  • Cellulose Sponge

    cellulose sponges
    Cellulose sponges are the new technology introduced into the markets. A unique resistant cellulose sponge for all grout cleaning jobs including epoxy materials. Different shapes and sizes contenting the users needs. The cellulose sponges making the removal of excess and finishing of grout a much faster and easier pr...
  • Electric cutter

    Electric cutters
    Grinder, Electric portable cutter or mobile head cutter? Whenever we face cuts on materials such as porcelain, gres, natural stone where a manual cutter can’t perform, we end up using an electric option such as a grinder, an electric portable cutter or a mobile head cutter. These cutting solutions are the most commo...