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  • Materials Needed to Lay Tile Floor: The Best Tools

    Do you want to impress your clients with your tile laying work? Coming to the job site prepared with the right materials for the tile installation is a great way to impress them. Keep reading below to know the materials needed to lay tile floor. What Are the Materials Needed to Lay Tile Floor? Having t...
  • Subfloor for Tile Installation: Everything You Need to Know

    A recent study showed that 57% of Americans viewed their homes a "work in progress."Millions of homeowners would love the comfort, sophistication, and cleanliness of a renovated kitchen or bathroom. A new floor will add a gleaming, polished touch to your home. The tile installation may not be as difficult as yo...
  • How to Drill Through Tile in 7 Easy Steps

    How to drill through tile. Featured
    It helpful to know how to drill through tile if you're going to complete a successful tile installation project. The design may be exquisite, the tiles perfectly cut, and everything laid evenly. But, your job is not finished yet. Now comes the part that could potentially damage your hard work: drilling a hole throug...
  • Rubi Tile Cutter: The Professional’s Companion since 1951

    When tile fixers hear about the RUBI tile cutter, QUALITY is the first word that comes to their mind. But, still many professionals don’t know the history and evolution of this brand that has become the world’s top manufacturer of tile tools. Cutting and laying ceramic tiles is nothing new, neither were the problems...
  • What is the best tile saw? Why the RUBI DC-250 is the pro’s choice

    The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Featured Image
    If you are one of those contractors looking for the best tile saw in the market, I have good news. The recently launched RUBI DC-250 1200 tile saw provides a unique value of power, speed and value and it is now considered the top among tile saw cutters. Backed by the great craftsmanship and endurance of RUBI Tools, ...
  • Boost Your Efficiency With These 10 Tile Grouting Tips and Techniques

    If you've read our opinion on the pitfalls of groutless tile installation, you'll know how strongly we believe that grouting can make all the difference to your tiling job.Yes, grouting takes up a lot of time and can be meticulous work. But it also makes your tiled surfaces last longer, and well-appli...
  • RUBI Diamond Blades: The Most Powerful Tile Saw Blades in the Market

    RUBI Diamond Blades
    Professional tile installers and construction pros agree that diamond blades are a very important component for a neat work. The capability and toughness of a diamond saw are vital to having sharp cuts in your tile and flooring material. The great DC-250 tile saw or any other of the RUBI tile saws will provide great...
  • 10 Must Have Tile Installation Tools for Professional Installers

    Must Have Tile Installation Tools
    To some extent, tile installation is an art. It takes years of practice and an eye for good design to plan a layout and merge tiles of different textures and thickness together in an appealing pattern. But, if a painter can use substitutes to create his art, such as coffee grounds, wine, or even flower petals, when ...

    For cutting the most difficult materials! RUBI has expanded its range of scoring wheels so that professional tile fitters can choose the most appropriate one for each type of ceramic tile. Each type of material presents a different level of cutting difficulty depending on its roughness, hardness, height, internal s...
  • The new SOFI Stadium knows the power of RUBI red

    SOFI Stadium rendering
    The new SOFI stadium  is an ongoing project set to open this year that will be home to the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams football organizations.  What you may not know is this state of the art stadium that is pegged to host Super Bowl LVI in 2022, and the Olympics in 2028 uses RUBI Tools to acc...