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    At RUBI Tools USA the health of our teams and their families is of utmost priority. We are making strong efforts to prevent the spread of #COVID19  by adopting company wide preventing measures.  At RUBI Tools USA we believe that together, we can make a difference. We invite you to join our efforts ...
  • How to Make the Right Decision When Choosing Grout For Tile

    Would you want a tile surface with worn out or ugly-looking grout? You wouldn't.When choosing building materials or decor, getting it right is key to have a perfect finish. Color combinations ought to blend well and give you an appealing and aesthetic look. Nothing beats the excitement of shopping for home products....
  • Rubi Tools USA at Coverings 2019

    Coverings has been for almost thirty years the preeminent event for the ceramic tile & natural stone industry in North America. For that reason, RUBI Tools can not miss this opportunity to show you the most powerful tile tools on earth. This April 9th to 12nd visit the Orange County Convention Center Orlando at ...
  • Pro Tips for Choosing and Installing the Perfect Backsplash Tile

    59% of homeowners plan to remodel or update their properties this year with bathrooms and kitchens topping the list of spaces to get a makeover. The right kitchen or bath remodel can even increase the value of your home.    One quick and cost-effective home improvement project is to add a new backsplash. It enhan...
  • Find The Correct Tile Saw For Your Project

    Best Tile Saw - Meta Slider Image
    There is no shortage of tile saw products out there. From small, DIY hand cutters, to large industrial tile saws, you’ve got plenty of options. Whether you’re a seasoned tiler, or you’re just getting started with your first project of tile installation, you may be wondering which one to choose.In this article, we’ll...
  • Zero Dust: A New Revolutionary Concept

    Dust seems to be a package deal when it comes to tile cutting, doesn't it? Even with all the professional tile tools you have in your arsenal, you still don’t seem to keep the amount of dust you create during a project under control. And, although you’ve got accustomed to it, dust can be extremely dangerous. Zero du...
  • Discover What Will Be the Tile Trends of 2018

    New year, new renovation projects! If 2018 is finally the year to upgrade your services and include new tiles in the range of options you offer to your customers, well, you couldn’t have picked a better year to start. Current tile trends that are in right now aren’t just chic and stylish options that can replace dul...
  • RUBI Ergonomic Tools That Will Make You Work Better

    Ergonomic Tools
    How many times have you heard or read about ergonomic tools for tile installation? But, do you know what they really mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ergonomics is "the scientific study of the efficiency of man in his working environment." Therefore, when referring to ergonomic tools, what we are r...
  • RUBI Updates Its STAR tile cutters… And They Are Awesome

    RUBI applied its industry experience to redesign the STAR tile cutters, which are among the most acclaimed light manual cutters. [caption id="attachment_1473" align="aligncenter" width="640"] STAR tile cutters[/caption] The range of STAR cutters for ceramic tiles has been very successful since its first launch. This...
  • Cleaning all type of surfaces with cellulose sponges

    cellulose sponges
    Knowing the difference of the sponges in the market, its properties and characteristics, can mean the difference between a good finish and an excellent one. The use of sponges over ceramic coatings has also specialized through past times, the same way other tools have. Sponges, floats and pads for cleaning surfaces ...