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  • This is the cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level

    The electric cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level is one of the most important releases of the company to cut tiles and other building materials at a professional level. In fact, it is one of the most accurate tools in this catalogue of products. There are two things in this electric cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level...
  • New RUBI TS Manual Tile Cutter: A Record Separation Power, And More

    Key improvements of the RUBI TS manual tile cutter Its separation power up to 550 kg, case and new handles are some of the major upgrades of the completely redesigned manual tile cutter RUBI TS. Keep being the most acclaimed manual tile cutter, that's the purpose behind the new RUBI TS. This tool improves the benefi...